Fall 2021 Kick-Off Dinner with A.P. Steadham

Producer of "Wishbone Boys" Documentary.

The 2021 fall kick-off event was fast success as A.P. Steadham, producer of "Wishbone Boys", kept everyone entertained with Crimson Tide stories of historical note, personal events and friendships, and prognostications for the upcoming season. He also spoke about the proposed SEC expansion, 12 team playoffs, and licensing and endorsement rule for collage players.

2021 Student Send-Off Party

Congrats to UA Class of '25.  Good luck and here's to a GREAT first year!

Our Annual Send-Off party for local students enrolled for the Fall was a big success.  We have 50 students from our area as of this press date who are registered!  That's about triple the number of just a few years ago.